Monthly Archives: July 2012

LSTS researchers Katja De Vries & Rosamunde Van Brakel are both presenting at the COST-LiSS WG2 meeting/conference in Sassari, Sardinia on 27 July 2012. Katja will give a presentation on: “Some are more equal than others: Thinking difference and indifference produced through automated, algorithmic profiling” and Rosamunde will talk about “Pre-emptive surveillance of children in the UK: The Ryogens database“. More information can be found here.


Edinburgh University Press has published Deleuze and Law, a book edited by LSTS researcher Laurent de Sutter and Kyle McGee. The collection of essays explores Deleuze’s universal jurisprudence, and the mutual becoming of law and philosophy. More information can be found here.

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The EU-funded Privacy and Emerging Technologies (PRESCIENT) project is hosting an international conference in Berlin from 27 to 28 November 2012 to provide a forum for the discussion of new approaches to assess the ethical and privacy impacts of emerging technologies. Topics of interest include, inter alia, privacy, ethical and surveillance impact assessment; innovation (in the context of emerging technologies) and trade-offs against social equity; ethical issues raised by emerging technologies; privacy by design; foresight; scenarios; the (in)adequacies of existing legal frameworks in addressing the social impacts of emerging technologies, and key challenges facing regulators in the face of emerging technologies. Deadline for abstracts is 10 October 2012. The full call for papers is available here.

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The 8th International Conference on Internet, Law & Politics (IDP 2012) organised by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) will take place in Barcelona from 9 to 10 July 2012 under the heading “Challenges and Opportunities of Online Entertainment”. At the event LSTS researcher Gloria González Fuster will present a communication titled “Balancing intellectual property against data protection: a new right’s wavering weight“. More information can be found here.