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LSTS researchers Katja De Vries & Rosamunde Van Brakel are both presenting at the COST-LiSS WG2 meeting/conference in Sassari, Sardinia on 27 July 2012. Katja will give a presentation on: “Some are more equal than others: Thinking difference and indifference produced through automated, algorithmic profiling” and Rosamunde will talk about “Pre-emptive surveillance of children in the UK: The Ryogens database“. More information can be found here.

picture by Toms Bauģis (@flickr)

A Privacy Platform meeting on “Computers reading our minds? The benefits and risks of profiling” will take place on Wednesday 25th January 2012, between 13h30 and 15h15 at Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Rue Royale-Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Brussels. The meeting is organised in collaboration with the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference which will take place on 25th, 26th, 27th January at the same location. Speakers at the Privacy Platform meeting include: Mr Peter Went, CEO at WCC Smart Search and Match, Mr John Boswell, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, SAS, Mr Jörg Polakiewicz, Head of the Human Rights Policy and Development Department, Council of Europe, Mr Ian Neill, Deputy Director e-Borders Home Office, United Kingdom, and Mrs Sarah Ludford, rapporteur of the European Parliament report on the problem of profiling adopted on 3 April 2009, the Privacy Platform will discuss the benefits and risks of profiling.

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