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picture by wnjr (@flickr)

picture by wnjr (@flickr)

On 6 May 2014 Rocco Bellanova will publicly defend his thesis ‘The Politics of Data Protection: What does Data Protection do? A Study of the Interactions between Data Protection and Passenger Name Records Dispositifs‘, in view of simultaneously becoming Doctor in Political and Social Sciences by the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles, and Doctor in Law by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. More information can be found here (pdf).


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LSTS researcher Rosamunde van Brakel has been invited to speak at a workshop on ‘Critical Explorations of Data and Security’ organised by Torin Monahan (UNC Chapel Hill) and Priscilla M. Regan (George Mason University) which will take place November 15-16, 2013 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Rosamunde will give a presentation about the social, ethical and legal issues raised by preemptive surveillance.

1377464_10151670203206867_1081361716_nLSTS researcher Gertjan Boulet moderated a debate on ‘Privacy versus Security’ organised by Jong VLD Nationaal (the Belgian Young Liberals).

The debate took place on 15 October 2013 at the Faculty of Law of Hasselt University (Belgium). The following panellists presented their views on CCTV, ANPR, Prism, big data and digital profiles in law:

  • Raf Jespers, lawyer and author of the book ‘Big Brother in Europa’.
  • John De Wit, journalist for the Belgian newspaper De Gazet van Antwerpen.
  • Bruno Segers, CEO of Irispact and ex-CEO of Microsoft Belgium/Luxembourg.
  • Arnold Roosendaal, researcher on privacy, identity and technology at TNO, and author of the book ‘De informatiefuik’.

For more information (in Dutch), please click here, or visit the Facebook page of the event.

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From 20 to 22 October 2012 will take place in London the 2012 Millennium Annual Conference, titled “Materialism and World Politics”. LSTS researchers will contribute to the sessions “Of Black Boxes, Dispositifs, and Security” and “Heterogeneous Entanglements & Unstable Technologies”, co-organised with Theory Talks. More information can be found here.

ImageThe European Green Party organizes a conference at the European Parliament on Tuesday the 26th of June at the European Parliament on the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR), „Smart Borders“ and EU-PNR.  As core contribution to the conference, Ben Hayes from Statewatch and LSTS researcher Mathias Vermeulen will present the findings of their study „Borderline – The EU’s Border Surveillance Initatives“. More info here.

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In the context of the International Conference “Security, Ethics, and Justice: Towards a More Inclusive Security Design“, to take place in Tübingen (Germany) from 21 to 23 June 2012, LSTS Researchers Rocco Bellanova and Gloria González Fuster will give a presentation titled “On the politics of disappearance: the body scanner setting“. More information can be found here.

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The PRISMS project will analyse the trade-off model between privacy and security and devise a more evidence-based perspective for reconciling privacy and security, trust and concern. It will examine how technologies aimed at enhancing security are subjecting citizens to an increasing amount of surveillance and, in many cases, causing infringements of privacy and fundamental rights. It will conduct both a multidisciplinary inquiry into the concepts of privacy and security and their relationships and an EU-wide survey to determine whether people evaluate the introduction of security technologies in terms of a trade-off. The project has been now officially launched, read the full press release here.