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The book ‘Privacy and Due Process after the Computational Turn: The Philosophy of Law Meets the Philosophy of Technology’, co-edited by Mireille Hildebrandt and Katja de Vries, has been published. The volume is the output of the second Philosophers’ Reading Panel, held during the CPDP Conference in 2011. It engages with the rapidly developing computational aspects of our world including data mining, behavioural advertising, iGovernment, profiling for intelligence, customer relationship management, smart search engines, personalized news feeds, and so on in order to consider their implications for the assumptions on which our legal framework has been built. More information here.

picture by dfuster74 (@flickr)

picture by dfuster74 (@flickr)

On Wednesday 29 May 2013 LSTS researcher Gloria González Fuster will publicly defend her PhD ‘The emergence of personal data protection as a fundamental right of the European Union’, co-promoted by Prof. Dr. S. Gutwirth and Prof. Dr. P. De Hert. The defence will take place at 6pm in Room D.2.01, at VUB. More information can be found in the official invitation (pdf).

nielsphd On Friday 24 May 2013 LSTS researcher Niels Van Dijk will publicly defend his PhD ‘Grounds of the immaterial. A transversal approach of legal philosophy in intellectual rights’, co-promoted by Prof. Dr. M. Hildebrandt and Prof. Dr. S. Gutwirth. The defence will take place at 5pm in Room D.0.08, at VUB. More information can be found in the official invitation (pdf).

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The VUB organises on 31 May 2013 a PhD Research Day devoted to ‘Open Science’. The day starts with presentations and a discussion on the theme of ‘Open Science’, followed by a lunch and a multidisciplinary poster session with almost 150 posters. The afternoon offers presentation sessions for each faculty (including a presentation by LSTS researcher Raphaël Gellert on ‘Precaution dimensions in data protection law’, and an elaborate reception to finish the day in style. To register, visit the PhD Research Day website. Ultimate deadline for registration is Monday 20 May 2013.