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Lyon (France) will welcome on 11 September 2013 the ‘Evolution des instruments de protection de la vie privée‘ Colloquium, jointly organised by Inria Project Lab CAPPRIS (Action de recherche nationale consacrée à la protection de la vie privée) and AFDIT (Association Française Droit de l’Informatique et de la Télécommunication). The event will grant special attention to the right to be forgotten and to the notion of accountability. LSTS Researcher Paul De Hert will contribute as speaker. More information? Here.


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On 3 September 2013 will take place in Brussels the third SAPIENT Policy Meeting, titled ‘Smart Borders? European and Global Logics of Border Surveillance in the Context of Privacy‘. The meeting is organised by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in cooperation with King’s College London and the University of Kent (Brussels School of International Studies) in the framework of the SAPIENT (Supporting Fundamental rights, PrIvacy and Ethics in Surveillance Technologies) project. More information can be found here.

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On Wednesday 14 August 2013 two LSTS researchers, Dariusz Kloza and Gertjan Boulet, will give a talk on privacy at the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in Bangalore, India. The Centre for Internet and Society is a non-profit research organization that works on policy issues relating to freedom of expression, privacy, accessibility for persons with disabilities, access to knowledge and IPR reform, and openness (including open government data, free/open source software, open standards, open access to scholarly literature, open educational resources, and open video), and engages in academic research on digital natives and digital humanities.

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