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picture by ricardo liberato (@flickr)

picture by ricardo liberato (@flickr)

Corporate transparency is crucial, but it must also become more meaningful is the title of a contribution by LSTS members Paul De Hert and Dariusz Kloza to the blog of The Privacy Surgeon, where they outline the growing trend to transparency and argue why such information must move from being merely “available” to being “meaningful”. Check it here.


picture by paul capewell (@flickr), art by SLM art

Following last year’s revelations, Edward Snowden seems to be trapped in a role ironically reminiscent of another famous character – George Orwell’s Big Brother. Read the full text on ‘Edward Snowden: the last Big Brother?‘, by Gloria González Fuster and Rocco Bellanova, at’s ‘Joining the dots on state surveillance in Europe‘ series.

9783319050232The book ‘The Emergence of Personal Data Protection as a Fundamental Right of the EU‘, by LSTS researcher Gloria González Fuster, has been published by Springer. The work explores the coming into being in European Union (EU) law of the fundamental right to personal data protection. Approaching legal evolution through the lens of law as text, it unearths the steps that led to the emergence of this new right, throwing light on the right’s significance, and revealing the intricacies of its relationship with privacy. More information at Springer.

routledgeThe edited volume Histories of State Surveillance in Europe and Beyond which is co-edited by LSTS researcher Rosamunde van Brakel is out now with Routledge! The volume includes chapters by LSTS researchers Rosamunde van Brakel on ‘The emergence of identity cards in Belgium and its colonies’ and Lucas Melgaço on ‘Brazilian universities under surveillance: Information control during the Military Dictatorship (1964-1985)’. Table of contents and more information about the book and how to order can be found here