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Albums titled ‘Surveillance’ are under the radar of our MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE series for obvious reasons. And If they offer a musically captivating vision of how does it feel to be permanently monitored and put in pieces in large databases, it is particularly urgent to know more about them.

Painted Caves
is the new project of artist Evan Caminiti, based in San Francisco and relatively well known for his participation in the duo Barn Owl. ‘Surveillance’, his debut album under the Painted Caves moniker, offers seven tracks of dystopian landscapes, reminiscent of Basic Channel’s minimalism but with a tendency to get deeper, darker, and more focused on (American) urban life.  

Using a modular synthesizer as his prime source, Caminiti creates indeed bleak textures nevertheless inhabited by a strange corporeality, as illustrated by ‘Flesh on tape’,Stalker’ or ‘Never alone’. His music sounds like a slow motion film about a fast approaching cataclysm, and is thus a highly recommended soundtrack to think about the movements of any surveillant assemblage. The album has been published as a limited edition vinyl LP by French label Shelter Press. Text by Gloria González Fuster


picture by kristinnador (@flickr)

The book ‘Reloading Data Protection: Multidisciplinary Insights and Contemporary Challenges‘, edited by Serge Gutwirth, Ronald Leenes and Paul De Hert is now available from Springer. The book has four sections: first, it reviews developments in data protection in different parts of the world; second, it focuses on the right to be forgotten in a digital world; third, it presents studies on surveillance, control and steering of individuals and groups of people, and, finally, it explores the changing nature of privacy (concerns) and data protection. More information can be found here.

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On Tuesday 17 December 2013, LSTS will welcome Kim Hendickx, of the Université de Liège’s Spiral Research Group, for a seminar around his work in progress on the subject of “Free circulating statements: anthropological notes on food-related health claims in the EU“. The event, organised in the context of VUB’s Food Law Hub activities, will take place at VUB’s room 4B302 from 12:00 to 14:00.