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The PRISMS project will analyse the trade-off model between privacy and security and devise a more evidence-based perspective for reconciling privacy and security, trust and concern. It will examine how technologies aimed at enhancing security are subjecting citizens to an increasing amount of surveillance and, in many cases, causing infringements of privacy and fundamental rights. It will conduct both a multidisciplinary inquiry into the concepts of privacy and security and their relationships and an EU-wide survey to determine whether people evaluate the introduction of security technologies in terms of a trade-off. The project has been now officially launched, read the full press release here.


On March 15th 2012 LSTS Researcher  Rosamunde van Brakel is co-presenting a paper with Gemma Galdon Clavell titled: Public order policing in crisis? Surveillance, kettling & #occupy at the Post-crash City: Security, Policing and Social Control workshop held at the Centre for Urban Research, University of York, UK.

Programme can be found here.