DSC_0044For already almost 20 years, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (EU) has distinguished the rights to privacy and data protection as two fundamental rights – one established by its Article 7, and the second by Article 8. This approach represented a clear innovation compared to the Council of Europe, where both notions are covered by Article 8 European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

The rights to privacy and the right to data protection play a crucial role in EU policy-making, as well as in the case law of the CJEU, and have acquired an increasingly significant importance. There is, however, a persistent lack of clarity on what these fundamental rights actually entail, or should entail, in particular in a rapidly changing digital environment. Even if both articles of the Charter are unquestionably closely related, there are different views on their specific nature and the nature of their relationship, and on their roles in a developing data-driven world. To what extent are these roles convergent or different?

The Law, Science, Technology and Society (LSTS) Research Group and the Brussels Privacy Hub will hold an International Workshop on the Legal Notions of Privacy and Data Protection in EU law in a Rapidly Changing World to take stock of current academic thinking and the developments in the case law and in policy making in the area, and to discuss the significance of these rights in the future.

The interactive open one-day International Workshop on Legal Notions of Privacy and Data Protection in EU law in a Rapidly Changing World on 14 May 2019 in Brussels will discuss the EU rights to privacy and data protection – their nature, scope and limitations, but also their practical legal and policy implications. For this purpose, the one-day workshop will bring together the leading academic experts, policy makers and practitioners in Europe to discuss different aspects of the complex relationship between privacy and data protection.

Call for Papers for PhD students and early career researchers – deadline for submission of abstracts 28 February 2019. Please send your abstract to info@brusselsprivacyhub.eu with your name, affiliation, and short biography. Organising Committee: Prof. Gloria González Fuster, Dr. Hielke Hijmans, and Laura Drechsler.


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