MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #6 Suspicion-Driven Surveillance

Special guest MIT sociologist Gary T. Marx interrogates MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE by exploring the super-superveillance powers of distrustful singers and songwriters.  A theme reflected in early rhythm and blues and rock and roll music involves the boasting of a male lover’s super-surveillance powers to discover unfaithfulness. Such songs contained an implicit threat and may be … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #6 Suspicion-Driven Surveillance


The new MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE episode is about a record published in 1974, 'Diamond Dogs', which was supposed to be David Bowie's take on George Orwell's dystopian novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'. Bowie started working on it in 1973, but he was denied by the author's estate the right to produce his own adaptation, and decided to … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #5 Diamond Dogs

MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #4 Sounding the Body Electric

The 4th episode of our MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE series is the first one to review an exhibition. Held at London's Calvert 22 Gallery until 25 August 2013, 'Sounding the Body Electric: Experiments in Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1957-1984' presents proposals at the crossroads of music and visual arts, covering the intellectual effervescence in … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #4 Sounding the Body Electric


The second episode of our [MUSIC & ...] series is again devoted to MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE. In his excellent 2008 paper on the subject, 'Soul Train: The New Surveillance in Popular Music', professor Gary T. Marx analysed popular music's lyrics in search of insights about surveillance. His contribution left nevertheless open the question of what happens … Continue reading MUSIC & … #2 [MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE] Trans Am


Welcome to the new [MUSIC & ...] posts series, exploring the relation between music and the many subjects around which turns LSTS research. This opening post is dedicated to MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE, more particularly to Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, one of the masters of artistic eavesdropping. Born in London, Rimbaud started to produce electronic music in … Continue reading MUSIC & … #1 [MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE] Scanner