Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon, the ultimate surveillance image, is the main theme of this new episode of our MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE series. Panopticism is here explored through the aural lens of Paul Baran's 'Panoptic', which combines elegant improvisation with a touch of electronics.  Paul Baran is a Glasgowian artist operating sometimes alone and sometimes as a … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #12 Paul Baran

MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #11 The Transparent Society

Industrial music has always been attracted to dystopian worlds and apocalyptical aesthetics. The new episode of our MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE series explores the work of Skull:Axis, an artist self-described as 'paranoid, delusional industrial' that has devoted a whole record to 'The Transparent Society'. Skull:Axis is actually Jason B. Bernard, from Brighton, who is also responsible … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #11 The Transparent Society

MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #10 A Compilation

The MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE series takes a walk through Bandcamp music platform in search of surveillance-related tracks, and uncovers a few interesting underground artists. Here they come, carefully collected and happily reported to the wider public. 'Days Of Surveillance' by Quiet Loner A gentle protest song with a touching old-school flavour. It is not easy … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #10 A Compilation


Technology delineates the background of much of the history of both MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE. And at the crossroads of technology, music and surveillance, stands out Léon Theremin. Léon Theremin was the American name used by Lev Sergeyevich Termen, a Russian inventor who designed the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments ever produced. Patented … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #7 Léon Theremin

MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #6 Suspicion-Driven Surveillance

Special guest MIT sociologist Gary T. Marx interrogates MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE by exploring the super-superveillance powers of distrustful singers and songwriters.  A theme reflected in early rhythm and blues and rock and roll music involves the boasting of a male lover’s super-surveillance powers to discover unfaithfulness. Such songs contained an implicit threat and may be … Continue reading MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #6 Suspicion-Driven Surveillance