picture by Darren Johnson / IDJ Photography (@flickr)

Lucas Melgaço (CRiS-VUB) and Jeffrey Monaghan (University of Ottawa) have launched a call for chapters for a book on protests in the information age. Potential authors are invited to sumbit paper proposals on topics such as, yet not limited to: surveillance of public demonstrations (including technologies like CCTV, body cams, drones and so on; the increasing monitoring of spaces of protest; social networking sites and protest mobilizations; the use of smartphones by demonstrators; sousveillance (e.g. the use of surveillance technologies to record police brutality in protests); resistance; mainstream and alternative media coverage of protests (including real time broadcasting of protests through apps like Periscope or Meerkat); police use of information technologies in the control of crowds and riots; the reemergence of the Black Bloc tactics and negotiations of (in)visibility in public spaces; political profiling of demonstrators, databanks and security intelligence; Big data; geolocation technologies and demonstrations; transnational flows of security practices and information; policy transfers related to information and protest control; usage of digital technologies in the regulation of public spaces; the right to protest at risk; theoretical and methodological developments on the relationships between social movements and the digital. Deadline for submissions is 20 November 2015. For all the details, see the call for chapters.


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