Simon Davies

We are delighted to announce that Simon Davies has joined LSTS for a 6-month term as Freelance Researcher. Simon Davies is one of the pioneers of the modern privacy movement. He has more than 25 years’ experience working worldwide with advocates, companies, regulators and government. He is one of the key international experts on identity systems, visual surveillance, privacy-by-design and consumer privacy rights and has established strong global leadership in the field. As founder of the watchdog organisation Privacy International he has worked in more than forty countries and in more than a hundred topic areas and is widely regarded as a key opinion-former in the field.

He has advised a wide range of corporate, government and professional bodies, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, British Medical Association, British Telecom, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL, eBay, the UK Treasury, the UK Department of Work and Pensions and IBM. Simon has worked closely with the London School of Economics since 1997. Currently he is a co-director of LSE’s Policy Engagement Network and also a Fellow with Chartered status of the British Computer Society (FBCS CITP).


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