surveillanceWith all the focus on an ever expanding array of high-tech and “big data” based forms of surveillance it is easy to forget that traditional forms of covert surveillance and human intelligence gathering remain challenged and can be as privacy-invasive. Recent exposés of undercover policing in Britain and the USA and corporate espionage against NGOs and activists in Europe clearly illustrate this. Furthermore, toward the latter part of the 20th century citizens in Europe and the US are increasingly responsibilised for their own security and outsourced by police for surveillance through neighbourhood watch schemes, if you see something report it campaigns, not to mention traditional vigilante groups and police informers. Roles between public and private, citizens and police are becoming increasingly blurred. The panel will discuss new developments in these policing practices and explore some of  the social, ethical and legal issues that accompany them.

Moderator Ben Hayes, Statewatch (UK) Panel Nafeez Ahmed, The Guardian (UK), Gemma Galdon Clavell, University of Barcelona (ES), Gary T Marx, MIT (US), Eveline Lubbers, University of Bath/Spinwatch (UK), Paul Ponsaers, University of Ghent (BE). Side event of CPDP2014 organised by VUB-LSTS, CPDP & Statewatch. When: 20h Wednesday 22 January 2014, Maison des Arts, Chaussée d’Haecht, 147, 1030 Schaerbeek. Registration please email before Tuesday 21 January 2014:


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