picture by ian-s (@flickr)

Gary T. Marx, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at MIT, will be a visiting scholar at VUB’s LSTS and Research Group Crime and Society (CRiS) from 20th January to 2nd March 2014. Marx’s visit will be launched with the talk ‘Cops and Robbers, Nuts and Sluts: Five Decades as a Member of the Chattering Classes Trying to Do Good by Using Words‘. This kick off talk will offer an overview of his research and teaching career identifying themes that have continued to animate it based on experiences with mentors such as Erving Goffman, SM Lipset, Neil Smelser, Herbert Blumer, Ralph Turner, Donald Cressey, David Reisman, Herb Gans and Robert Merton at Berkeley, Harvard and MIT and 20 plus other schools in the U.S., Europe and Asia. This has involved work with governments and police agencies in particular, non-profits, commissions of inquiry, legislative and judicial institutions and the media. This seminar will take place on Thursday 30 January 2014 from 12:00-14:00 in Room 4C306. Please register before 24th January 2014: Martine.Schierl@vub.ac.be. Additional information can be found at Gary T. Marx’s personal website and through Wikipedia.


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