MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE #10 A Compilation

The MUSIC & SURVEILLANCE series takes a walk through Bandcamp music platform in search of surveillance-related tracks, and uncovers a few interesting underground artists. Here they come, carefully collected and happily reported to the wider public.

‘Days Of Surveillance’ by Quiet Loner

A gentle protest song with a touching old-school flavour. It is not easy to say in the same sentence ‘DNA data’ and ‘piece of my heart’, so Quiet Loner deserves some respect at least for trying. Billy Bragg is supposedly a fan.

‘Surveillance’ by Mike Nicolai

More folk, now with a perfectly crafted song in the benevolently cynical spirit of the Violent Femmes. The author is Mike Nicolai, from Austin, and also singer of a band called The Bremen Riot.

Grotesque (Dear Mutual Surveillance Society)by Boys Age

We move into indie territory with some floating lo-fi dream-pop, by the self-confessed false sons of Yo La Tengo. The lyrics are in Japanese or in strange English, but if they are as good as the title, they must be excellent.

Surveillance’ by Marshall Rendina

Some meta-avant-post-rock about the watchers who watch who is watching, by Marshall Rendina, who has probably listened a lot to David Grubbs, or to whoever he listens to.

‘Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act’ by The United Sons of Toil

Surveillance hurts, and the The United Sons of Toil would like to remind you about it. This nicely Unwound-like song comes from the nicely titled 2007 album ‘Hope Is Not A Strategy‘.

‘Surveillance’ by Controlled Storms

Surveillance can bring sadness. Philadelphia’s Controlled Storms sing that privacy is a luxury, but attempt to manage to make us smile nevertheless by singing it like a mix between Swell and The Beta Band.

Privacy (If You Were My Piano)’ by Elephant Micah

Joseph O’Connell, aka Elephant Micah, knows about sadness. A zero technology recording that refuses to say goodbye (to privacy).

Music selection and text by Gloria González Fuster.

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