The PIAF Project consortium, comprising the Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Research Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society (VUB-LSTS)Trilateral Research & Consulting LLP and Privacy International, for the recent 22 months has been conducting research on privacy impact assessment (PIA).

The project comes to an end in October 2012. Having held its final conference in September 2012 in Brussels, the members of the consortium will now present the final research results and will seek feedback on the 34th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners as well as on one of the side-events, i.e. the 2012 Public Voice Meeting, both held in Punta del Este, Uruguay on 22-24 October 2012.

Among the consortium members, David Wright (Trilateral) will talk on a panel titled Exploring lines of work: research and projects and Gus Hosein (Privacy International) – on a panel on biometrics.

Both Gus Hosein and Dariusz Kloza (VUB-LSTS) will also talk on the Public Voice meeting. Gus will be a panelist on the Emerging Trends in the Internet Global Village: Cross Cultural Views of Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Human Rights on Data Collection, Retention and Use, and Darek – on the Civil Society’s Challenge in Preserving Civic Participation.

The full agendas of both events are available here and here, respectively.


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