MovingLife: Online survey on mHealth solutions

The MovingLife project is a Coordination and Support Action (FP7) that will deliver roadmaps for technological research, implementation practice and policy support with the aim of accelerating the establishment, acceptance and wide use of mobile eHealth solutions.

MovingLife has developed preliminary roadmaps for mHealth that address a broad group of fundamental issues such as: technology options for mHealth applications and services; options for new and improved medical guidelines; user empowerment, acceptance, ethics and privacy; socio-economic environments and policy and regulatory frameworks.

The project is committed to intensive stakeholder engagement and we therefore invite all relevant actors and stakeholders in mHealth to contribute to the definition of a realistic, relevant and clear roadmap for the future use of deployment of mHealth. Based on your expertise in the specific fields, we are now seeking your advice and comments to the requirements and challenges presented in the proposed roadmaps.

We call on all stakeholders to contribute to developing a comprehensive, well-defined and realistic roadmap of mHealth solutions by completing the online survey. If you would like to participate in the consultation, please click here.

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