Privacy International (PI) has (re)launched its big project called ‘Big Brother Incorporated’, which will (inter alia) investigate the sales of surveillance technologies to authoritarian regimes.

The web content is available here and more comprehensively here.

PI has now put online a comprehensive database of companies that sell surveillance products, some opinion pieces about the topic (including one by me on the need to strengthen due dilligence and export licenses for tech companies) and a handy guide to the technical jargon that is being used in the surveillance industry. PI is also in the process of building strategic litigation against some of the Western companies complicit in human rights abuses by governments and intelligence agencies across the Middle East and North Africa.

The Washington Post has just published a big article on this topic here and Wikileaks today has released a bunch of documents (“the Spyfiles“) related to this issue as well.

CPDP will host an open roundtable on this issue in Brussels on the 27th of January 2012 in Bozar (Ravensteinstraat 23). Everybody’s more than welcome.

Don’t be evil – Technology companies’ role in supporting and suppressing human rights activists:
Mathias Vermeulen (VUB – chair)
Marcel Rosenbach (Der Spiegel – moderator)

Marietje Schaake (ALDE Member of the European Parliament)
Ben Roome (Nokia Siemens Network) (tbc)
Jacob Applebaum (ToR)
Ahmed Ghappour (Egyptian Initiative for Human Rights)
Eric King (Privacy International)


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