Launching the project on ‘AnyWare You Are? Contextual Privacy and the proliferation of location data‘: 6th December 2011, 12.00-14.00,  at VUB (room 4B302).

Nowadays, using googlemaps on your smartphone or tagging yourself and your friends in different locations on social networking sites is an everyday activity. Sharing information enables us to enjoy all sorts of services but also allows other parties to become more powerful as they collect, save, and sell this information.

Building on Helen Nissenbaum’s concept of contextual privacy this project aims to bring the functionality of the internet, privacy, and security together to ensure that innovation does not trample fundamental rights in the process of taking over the market. Therefore, the joint FWO project on ‘Contextual privacy and the profileration of location data’ joins LSTS lawyers and COSIC computer engineers to conduct research into law and technology design in order to flesh out a sustainable form of contextual integrity in cyberspace.

Laura Tielemans, Michael Herrmann, PhD students in law and computerscience, and Mireille Hildebrandt & Claudia Diaz (professors of law and computer science) will present their research plans and look forward to your comments.

See for a full project description: Contextual privacy and the proliferation of location data (pdf).

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