VUB L&C and LSTS talk on 7th November 2011, 12:30 – 14:00, Room 4C306, VUB: “Empirical ethics: empirical justice? How laws shape what is good care”, by Prof. Jeannette Pols.
Empirical studies into the workings of laws in health care usually take the shape of evaluation studies (where the workings of laws are evaluated according to the aims to which they were designed) and studies of cases treated under a certain law. In this meeting Pols will discuss the normativity of juridical measures when they are taken as a directive for what care should look like, what type of patient and caregiver is inscribed in the laws and how their relationship should be thought about. The presentation will depart from the use of the paper Pols, J. (2003) Enforcing patient rights or improving care? The interference of two modes of doing good in mental health care, Sociology of Health & Illness, vol 25, no 3, p 320-347.

Prof. Jeannette Pols is Senior Researcher in the Medical Ethics Section of the Department of General Practice of the University of Amsterdam. Pols’ expertise is empirical studies in ethics and philosophy of knowledge and methodology (particularly ethnography and clinical trials), the study of telecare innovations and citizen participation in research. She has recently edited a book with Annemarie Mol and Ingunn Moser about care in practice and has published several papers in Science, Technology and Human Vaues, Sociology of Health & Illness, Health Care Analysis, Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry among others.

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